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Preparing Your Child
for Kindergarten
New for 2009: 6 languages are now available, each with a different color cover to make them easily distinguishable.

Learning begins at home. This pamphlet helps prepare parents for their child's first year of school — Kindergarten.

It outlines for parents the expectations of Kindergarten and what they can do to help prepare their child for a successful year, including:
a checklist to assess what children already know
applicable school skills skills to practice at home
social and behavioral norms and goals
age appropriate motor skills and practices
speaking, reading, writing, and math assessments
activity suggestions to help parents make learning at home fun and exciting

Kindergarten lays the foundation for life-long learning. With the implementation of strict state and federal standards, the Kindergarten curriculum has become increasingly more rigorous. The better prepared our students are when they enter Kindergarten, the more they will learn and grow. Not only will they succeed academically, but their positive self-esteem and confidence will help support their continued progress.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten is a wonderful resource for pre-registration, the first day of school, or even Back-To-School Night. For many students and parents, this pamphlet will benefit and support them throughout their introduction to school, not just prior to entering Kindergarten.

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