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Kindergarten students need to be able to recognize, read and write their first name. Students begin to develop knowledge about the alphabet. Students have book handling skills. Students can tell a story by looking at the pictures. It is a benefit if the students know some familiar nursery rhymes.

My child can recognize his/her name.
My child can hold a book and turn the pages without squishing or wrinkling them.
My child can tell a story by looking at the pictures.
My child can listen to stories without interrupting.
My child can recognize rhyming sounds/words.
My child can identify some capital and lowercase letters.
My child is beginning to write some letters.
My child can hold a pencil correctly.
My child can write his/her name with a capital first letter and the rest lowercase (ex. Michele).

Activities to support your child:

  • Storytelling—tell stories based on pictures in books or magazines.
  • Write and draw using a variety of materials (pencils, crayons, markers...).
  • Visit the library.
  • Read to your child daily.
  • Play rhyming games.
  • Create a new ending to the story.
  • After reading a story, have your child tell you what happened in the story.
  • Have your child tell you the letters he/she sees in the world around him/her (driving to McDonald’s, while reading a book, on a cereal box...).